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IOSIG+ software allows users to characterize the I/O access patterns of an application in two steps: 1) trace collecting tool can get the trace of all the I/O operations of the application, 2) through the offline analysis on the trace, the analyzing tool gets the I/O Signature. Using the information in I/O Signatures, we can apply several optimizations on I/O systems, such as: data prefetching, I/O scheduling, cost model based data access optimization.

Trace collector

Download (Latest version 1.1.3):


  • Requires no modification on user programs.
  • Works for MPI based programs.
  • The tracing library can trace all MPIIO operations of applications

Software dependencies:

Trace analyzer

Download (latest version 1.3.4):


  • Trace files in all kinds of text based formats are able to be handled.
  • Generate analysis results in various figures.
  • Helps identify data-intensive phases.

Software dependencies:


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