Data-Intensive Scalable Computing Laboratory (DISCL)

Mission Statement

The Data-Intensive Scalable Computing Laboratory (DISCL) at the Texas Tech University has broad research interests in parallel and distributed computing, high-performance computing, Cloud computing, computer architectures and systems software with a focus on building scalable computing systems for data-intensive applications in high-performance scientific computing/high-end enterprise computing.


  • November 2015, Mr. John Leidel, Mr. Xi Wang, Ms. Nika Ghiasi, and Dr. Chen will conduct a demo for “GoblinCore-64: An Emerging, Open Architecture for Data Intensive High Performance Computing” at The 2015 ACM/IEEE Supercomputing (SC'15) Conference in the Emerging Technologies (at EMT 117). HPC Wire.
  • September 2015, Dr. Jiang Zhou and Dr. Yong Chen presented papers at the International Conference for Parallel Processing in Beijing, China. John Leidel also presented a paper at the P2S2 workshop hosted by ICPP.
  • August 2015, Ph.D. student Mr. John Leidel presented a poster at the ModSim Workshop.
  • August 2015, Congratulations to Dr. Jialin Liu for joining Lawrence Berkeley National Lab and congratulations to Dr. Yin Lu for joining Texas Tech University as a research faculty.
  • June 2015, Ph.D. student Mr. John Leidel presented at the RISC-V Workshop. Please read more.
  • June 2015, Congratulations to Yin Lu for receiving 2015 Summer Dissertation/Thesis Research Award!
  • March 2015, Masters students Mr. Soheil Mazaheri and Ms. Kalaranjani Vijayakumar defended thesis entitled “Cloud Benchmarking in Bare-Metal, Virtualized, and Containerized Execution Environments” and “Exploring In-memory HDF5 and Early Evaluations”, respectively. Congratulations to them!
  • March 2015, Ph.D. student Jialin Liu successfully defended his dissertation entitled “Fast Data Analysis Framework for Scientific Big Data Applications”; Congratulations Dr. Liu!
  • March 2015, Ph.D. student Yin Lu successfully defended his dissertation entitled “Towards Efficient Data Movement at Extreme Scale”; Congratulations Dr. Lu!
  • January 2015, Welcome Dr. Jiang Zhou joining our group!